Movement That Meets You
Where You Are
Shows You What’s Possible


That Meets You
Where You Are
Shows You
What’s Possible

You have so much to live for… 


Great friends, glorious nature, creative projects, your quirky family, sacred alone time, adventures far and near!


And while your spirit is always at the ready, your body isn’t always as reliable.


Weakened muscles, stiff joints, aches and pains, gravity tugging on your posture, wobbly balance, low energy– little breakdowns that now stand between you and the freedom to live fully.


You want and need a strong body to hold all the goodness of life, a strong body to hold all of who you are becoming.


And so, you’ve been hellbent on finding the solution that will boost your physical vitality. But it’s not easy to find the perfect fit!

Some fitness classes may have felt too hard – weights too heavy, transitions too fast, movements too jumpy, possibly resulting in injury…


Other fitness classes might be too easy and boring – no creative twists, no new learning, not enough challenge…leaving you yawning.


You’ve likely figured out that walking or jogging isn’t enough for holistic fitness. You know you need more complete physical conditioning.


But doing it alone or trying to shape your own program out of the sea of online offerings doesn’t work either. You don’t want to have to pick and choose or design your workouts.


This can be a very frustrating cycle! The constant pendulum swing of wanting to commit to your physical fitness, then getting hurt or bored and reverting to doing nothing.


I see you. I get it.

And here’s what I know for certain. The instinct you carry that believes there has to be a better way is right – and it led you here.


This is where you finally meet an approach to movement that aligns your bones, tones your muscles, and invigorates your vitality – keeping you fit and energized for the life you love. 

Say Hello to EMBODIED
with Ariel

A subscription-based mindful movement program designed for those who want to stay connected to their inner life, while building the strength, balance, and body-intelligence to stay active.

A subscription-based mindful movement program designed for those who want to stay connected to their inner life, while building the strength, balance, and body-intelligence to stay active.

Membership Options:

Membership Royale

$ 49 Monthly
  • Free 7-day trial

    Ready for the complete embodiment experience? This is the total package. A huge library of 45-min movement classes and 10-min self-massage classes at your fingertips. Plus, a weekly line-up of suggested classes sent out to you every Monday to keep your practice on track!

Elements of the Program That Enhance Embodiment:


Using awareness, position and orientation to your environment to enter the present moment while connecting with breath and sensing the body.


Creating an intention for your practice that aligns with your deeper values and greater vision for your body and future.


Bringing the body to life with simple warmups, building refined strength through longer-held poses, challenging your balance while using props for empowerment, and flowing movements for grace and vitality


Soothing your body and dissolving tension with stretching and mobility exercises to regain range of motion in joints and remove stiffness from your soft tissue. Plus playful rocking, swaying, shaking, shimmying to loosen up.


Accessing stillness and peace through calming breathwork, meditative absorption, and reconnecting with your deeper intention.

My approach makes for a holistic experience of embodiment. Gradually, in a sustainable and supported way, you will build confidence in your physical body to go out there and freely live your beautiful life.

The Results

Some of the benefits you might experience through the program:

  • Greater power and reliability in big muscle groups
  • Fine-tuning of smaller muscles that often get overlooked
  • More range of motion in joints – which means more flexibility
  • Finer subtle body awareness – the ability to ‘sense yourself’
  • Improved balance and posture, and confidence
  • A greater sense of calm, ease, and wellbeing
  • A deeper knowledge of your anatomy and how your body works
  • Increased lung capacity & deeper, fuller breathing
  • Increased body intelligence, awareness & focus
  • Trust in your body and physical abilities
  • Increased love and appreciation for your body 
  • Greater awareness of yourself and the world around you
  • A baseline of fitness that translates to other daily activities – such as lifting, carrying, walking upstairs and hills, hand, and grip strength, getting up and down from the floor, playing with kids, adventuring around the world, stamina, and endurance, etc.


Ariel is a masterful, innovative teacher and I truly missed being able to take her in-person classes these last few years… until now! Luckily, this digital offering let me hang out in Ariel’s classroom once again, and, I have to say, it felt just as good as being in her in-person classroom. She has a gift at reaching through the blue light of the computer screen to really engage with you and see and sense you — and I loved being part of a wider community of yogis, whether live or through the replays. 


Ariel’s incredible knowledge of human anatomy and ability to teach to many different levels and body types at once makes you feel completely safe and capable of engaging in the class in the most supportive way for your body and level of experience. And, in typical Ariel style, she balances humor, depth and philosophy in a fun and accessible way. I cannot recommend her program enough and I cannot wait to continue.


Liz W.

Since starting, I’ve found my posture has become better and I have had less back pain. My core strength is also improving. And the wonderful meditations and massages are fantastic for allowing me to feel more relaxed in the midst of busy days and motherhood. 

Ariel brings a level of humour, fun and enthusiasm to her classes that is unmatched by any other teachers I’ve ever worked with.

Amy W.

After many years of abusing my body, I am now on a spiritual path where taking care of my body, mind and soul is paramount. (…) I incurred an injury at the start of the pandemic and have had a tough time getting back into my yoga routine.  The EMBODIED program is the perfect way to get back into the flow.


The EMBODIED program has got me out of the rut I got into since the pandemic started.  I suffered from a lack of motivation and now I am looking forward to the program every day.  It is amazing how much better I feel after each session and as a whole.


David A.

I helped two young people in their 20 ‘s lift a 150 LB cast iron tub down stairs and into their Subaru and I’m only a 110 LB woman! I’m surprising myself! (…)

What is happening as I’ve committed to Embodiment with Ariel is a whole new confidence of growth. Concerns about osteoporosis have challenged me with the question of whether or not to take medicine or to believe that my body has the power to regain bone and the muscular strength around my bones to continue to keep me upright and feeling vibrant, to actually build lost bone. I continue to grow stronger, more flexible and energetic.

Because the way the Embodiment program works, in smallish doses but EVERY day (if you choose) I have found that I am gradually building a relationship to my body that is balanced and tuned-in. I know how to move, get off the floor, lift heavy things, manipulate groceries, laundry, and lift the occasional cast iron tub without hurting myself. The detail in the program, the way it’s broken down allows me to fall in love with and appreciate the miracle of my body in a way I haven’t felt encouraged to before.


because the program is online–I don’t have to travel from my home. I like exercising in my home, the privacy is good. (…) What comes to my home is not only the joy of Ariel, her kindness, incredible expertise, spirit and passion for helping ME but the community of people from around the world. I turn on the program and Bill says “Hello, Grace” to me from Dublin! I’ve never met Bill in the flesh but we practice together, he is my friend, it’s amazing. I see dogs in Brooklyn and even my sister-in-law in Ann Arbor, MI. There is a tremendous comradery where we are building our health as a community.


Ariel is my daughter. So, of course the program is extra special. I most admire her commitment to humanity. She is generous and caring and as her Mum I am so grateful that she is offering me this opportunity to keep my body strong and on point as I age.  


Grace K.

Who the program is for

The EMBODIED with Ariel Mindful Movement Program is for you if:

  • You want a smart, mindful practice to maintain overall strength, posture, and flexibility
  • You want to learn to listen to your body – to connect and be in an ongoing practice of embodiment
  • You are intrigued with the alignment and energetics of yoga but not the extremes/acrobatics
  • You’re curious about your body and want to learn about muscles/systems/etc. while practicing
  • You want to promote ongoing health and prevent future structural issues
  • You want to enhance your inner feelings of elegance, beauty, style, sophistication
  • You want to be guided – you don’t want to have to sort through videos to decide what to do next
  • You like the idea of gradual/cumulative gains – as opposed to a hard-hitting workout
  • You like using props to support your unique anatomy and proportions 
  • You are interested in connecting mental/emotional/spiritual goals with your physical practice
  • You are playful and curious about novel ways to explore the potential of your body


I definitely feel much stronger in my core and have more energy and balance is great!

Ariel creates the space to delve deep within yourself while at the same time she is fun and real.  Her quirky energy is addictive yet I find myself coming to the mat for ME, even though she brings quite the draw.

Melissa S.

Ariel has journeyed much further down the road and has incorporated grace, fluidity, humor and strong choreographic expertise in breaking down complex, functional movement into understandable and accessible parts. (…) This has been a blessing, especially during Covid!      


Each class is original and well-planned, you will gradually build strength and flexibility without straining, you will learn a ton about your body and your mind and you will have some laughs…as it never gets too serious. (…) Really excellent combination of stretching, flowing, restorative poses — with humor and grace.


The EMBODIED Mindful Movement Program is NOT for you if:

  • You just want to do one-off videos once in a while
  • You are seeking a fast-moving or strenuous power-type class
  • You are in an acute phase of injury or illness
  • You’re not interested in learning about the inner workings of your body
  • You don’t like to ‘tune in’ and pair your physical practice with mental/emotional introspection
  • You like to stick to typical movement patterns and get uncomfortable going ‘off the beaten path’ with novel exercises and techniques


It has helped me manage my stress these last few months and work on conditioning and flexibility in my aging dancer body!! I knew they would really appreciate the diversity of disciplines within the program as well as the humor, joy of moving, self care aspects and community. So many of us are feeling isolated and not in control and this daily practice allows us to refocus and redirect energy in our minds and bodies in a healing and positive way.


Laurie S.

My body feels buoyant, joyful, and jubilant! Ariel’s lighthearted approach to exploring movement has supported me in discovering new ways of being in my body and mind. This has helped me both ground and lift off! Her approach is accessible for many types of bodies and abilities — and though we’re connected just through a computer screen, I found her ethereal energy radiating through. Thanks for such an incredible gift of compassionate movement.


Laura B.

Practicing with Ariel feels like she’s right there in the living room with you.  She creates a very safe environment for all levels, but still includes some challenges in each session. Since we are all practicing in our individual homes, Ariel incorporates props into our practice by using ordinary household, like soup cans or rolled up towels.  Ariel makes herself available both before and after class to address individual questions or just socialize.


Susan T.

Membership Options

Membership Royale

$ 49 Monthly
  • Free 7-day trial

    Ready for the complete embodiment experience? This is the total package. A huge library of 45-min movement classes and 10-min self-massage classes at your fingertips. Plus, a weekly line-up of suggested classes sent out to you every Monday to keep your practice on track!


Yes. However, you are welcome to cancel at any time.

Several props are needed to optimize your experience. You can get formal props, or use household items for props. 


Ideally you will have a yoga mat, strap (or belt/scarf), 2 yoga blocks, a blanket (or large towel), 2 small weights (1-3 lbs – kitchen cans will do), a resistance band, and a chair. 


To participate in self-massage classes you will need 2 small therapy balls (or tennis balls) and an inflatable ‘sponge ball’ (or small cushion). 

You can cancel anytime through your membership portal or by emailing

Consult your doctor to find out what types of activities to avoid, then reach out to for questions on how to modify your practice.

Yes, because I offer numerous gradations of each pose, it is a good place for beginners. Feel free to take breaks, and take your time. This is a benefit of practicing at home. No pressure!

Yes, each membership option has a weeklong free trial so that you can sample the program before committing. 

Membership Royale

$ 65 Monthly
  • Free 7-day trial

    Ready for the complete embodiment experience? This is the total package: Practice via livestream 3 days/week with Ariel and your global community, or opt to practice on your own time with the video recordings. A huge library of 45-min movement classes and 10-min bonus self-massage classes at your fingertips.